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Dear Guests,

As a valued guest of Fernie RV Resort, your health and safety are our number one priority and we are taking action.

At FRVR we are closely monitoring the evolving situation around COVID-19 and any impacts this may have on our little community within Fernie.

In the winter months especially, FRVR functions like a large family, considering the high level of reliance upon shared public facilities. With this in mind, FRVR staff will do everything in our power to create a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for all of our guests, with transparent communication as the situation develops. Please do your part as well to consider the well-being of others around you, by being vigilant about your own health and practicing good personal hygiene.

What we are doing:
We are not accepting any new guests until April 20, 2020. We are looking forward to spring camping with our guests, but this decision will be continually reassessed as the situation in Canada develops.

We are waiving all cancellation and date change fees for reservations which fall within this timeframe to encourage our guests to follow recommendations from health professionals to stay home and self-isolate at this time.

The FRVR Admin office has temporarily closed to the public until April 20, 2020, at which time we will re-evaluate. Admin will continue to operate business as usual during this time and can be reached by phone (844.343.2233) or email (stay@ferniervresort.com) for inquiries or summer bookings.

FRVR Admin will no longer be accepting cash at this time. Any payments due during this time must be paid by e-transfer, debit visa, or credit card. Coins for the laundromat will still be provided for our guests as needed. Please contact Admin with the amount needed and we will arrange for remote payment and contactless pickup. We strongly encourage our guests to wash and sanitize their hands after handling any cash.

We have enhanced our current cleaning schedule of three times daily in the washroom and laundry buildings to include more stringent disinfectant procedures. All surfaces and public areas are being regularly disinfected to reduce the spread of germs.

We have added signage for proper handwashing in all public washrooms.

All FRVR staff will continue to regularly wash hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizer as necessary, as well as follow advice to stay home from work if they begin to feel unwell.

What can you do?
Follow recommendations as provided by provincial health authorities to reduce the likelihood of catching the virus, which include washing hands often and thoroughly; avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, or mouth; cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing; reducing time in public spaces, particularly when sick or at heightened risk; practice social distancing.

Use paper towel or disinfectant wipes to open doors within public facilities. Make use of the handicap access buttons at the washroom in place of door handles.

Regularly disinfect your personal surroundings and practice good personal hygiene.

Consider cleaning items such as outerwear more frequently if you are in close contact with others in shared spaces.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (including but not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, and difficulty breathing), please seek medical help by phoning 8-1-1 or your local primary care provider to arrange for safe testing.

Please avoid putting others at risk by staying home if you are sick. If you are in this scenario and are reliant on our shared washroom facilities in the winter, please contact us ASAP so we can find a solution together.

We hope these enhanced measures create an environment that makes everyone feel comfortable and safe. With the dynamic nature of COVID-19, we will continue to closely monitor any changes and re-evaluate our response accordingly. In the event of any changes, we will ensure we are in quick contact with all of our guests.

If you have any concerns, or if we can help you in any way during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff. Our guests are of utmost importance to us and we will do everything we can to keep everyone happy and healthy.

For further information visit:

FRVR Admin

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